Molly 556.14

Designed by Corrado Dotti

Collection of contemporary hanging, wall, floor, table, side and ceiling lamps with a painted dome and ring either painted or finished with brushed brass, copper or pewter. The bright diamond screen is made of plexiglass to better spread light out. The collection presents lamps available in three sizes for single-unit or dynamic compositions. These lamps are very versatile and fit any kind of setting, thanks to their simple shape yet rich materials.
C41 Brushed brass
C46 Sand grey
C50 Pewter
C74 Sand black
C99 Copper
Primary light source: LED 220/240V
Wattage: 2 x 8W
Color temperature: 2700K
Lumens: 1600
Dimmability: Phase cut
Secondary light source: LED 220/240V
Wattage: 2 x 12W
Color temperature: 2700K
Lumens: 2400
Dimmability: Phase cut
Dimensions: Ø65 cm
Cable: Black fabric, Length 150 cm