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A green project by TOOY for Milano Design Week 2024. On view the new configurations of LINFA by Federico Peri set in the space of Corso Monforte 28. Also Melzo12 will be a place to discover our TRATTI collection by Cara / Davide.


Lots of exciting new projects in the TOOY family!

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Happily overwhelmed by this edition of the Salone which, for us, was full of new things and new collaborations starting. It was wonderful to meet every visitor and friend who stopped by to discover our new models inside the incredible pavilion designed for the occasion by Studiopepe. LEI, LINFA, TRATTI and the new models of NASTRO will be visible in our showroom in Corso Monforte 28, we are looking forward to see you to discover together our idea of light design.



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We are happy to present the new collaborations that enrich our idea of light design this year. Many projects, characterized by a great formal variety and united by a refined and essential research on the material. Discover the booth designed by Studiopepe.


MDW23 - Light Installation by Cara / Davide

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A sculptural and modular lighting system, discreetly linear or imposing itself in space as a large light installation. The new TRATTI collection is finally live at Corso Monforte 28 and Hall 13 - Stand 212 at Euroluce. Come to discover it!



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We are looking forward to seeing you at Hall 13, Stand 212 and at our showroom in Corso Monforte 28, Milano


TOOY DOCU FILM - Our Idea of Light Design

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We have a history that is generations long, a family story of successes, of missteps, of efforts that have allowed us to grow and better understand who we are. Today TOOY has a long experience behind it. Over time it has been transformed, it is not just a company that produces lighting systems: it is a laboratory of ideas, a place where the creativity of the designers is confronted with the experience of the artisans, where form and concept come together to create truly unique objects. That's our idea of light design. Watch the TOOY DOCU FILM on our YouTube Channel!


NEW SHOWROOM | Corso Monforte 28, Milano

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This edition of Milano Design Week meant a lot to us and we wanted to thank all the people who made it possible. We opened our new showroom in Corso Monforte presenting the new NASTRO SYSTEM and where from now you will have the opportunity to see and touch our collections.​


TOOY at Milano Design Week | Our new showroom at Corso Monforte 28, Milano

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We are pleased to invite you to discover our new showroom at Corso Monforte 28, TOOY's home in Milan, where from now on we will be presenting our new creations. On the occasion of Fuorisalone, we will celebrate this important moment by presenting the new NASTRO system, designed by Studiopepe. A new slim and sinuous modular system. Able to configure Nastro as an architectural element and create compositions of high visual and plastic impact.


Elle Decor All'Aperto

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The door of Palazzo Litta opens onto a secluded courtyard, where a lush, spontaneous green-silver nature is the protagonist of the second edition of Elle Decor All'Aperto. To sign the exhibition, which can be visited from 7 to 10 April at number 24 of the course, are Studiopepe - duo of sets, interiors and product designers formed by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto - and Marco Bay, landscape architect who loves draw with trees. TOOY is partner of the event with the Nastro collection exhibited in the wonderful location.


TOOY x Santoni

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Santoni, the famous Italian shoes company, opens its brand new showroom in the heart of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milano. The Nabila chandelier by TOOY is located in the center of the new boutique designed by Patricia Urquiola.


Milano Design Week 2021: TOOY x "Botanica Collettiva"

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Come to discover the new Mohd space and Botanica Collettiva, the special event curated by Studiopepe to celebrate the Design week and the plurality home vision.⁠ A narrative ecosystem where design and nature coexist organically and harmoniously. Discover the Nastro collection presented in the new arc floor lamp and the special edition of a wall lamp with a marbled concrete cylinder and wood!



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The new catalogue is finally out! Download it on the dedicated website page or ask for a copy.


TOOY & Federica Biasi, new collaboration coming out

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TOOY is glad to announce the new collaboration with the well known designer Federica Biasi. The Thula collection is among the latest arrivals in the Tooy family. A central, simple and architectural element composes the essence of the lamp and the lighting body. Thula is designed following the concept of addition and subtraction; an element with an organic appeal in wood or quilted leather is added to the central body. Discover more on the new catalogue!


GENIUS LOCI" {project}

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The Nastro collection presented in a limited edition with a special cylindrical weight in Silipol®. A multifaceted material, composed of spheres of granite, marble and concrete powders. It is ecological and composed of natural elements and totally recyclable.


NASTRO, designed by Studiopepe for TOOY

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“Lightness vs weight, mobility vs stability, light vs shadow, Nastro project was created to give body and light to these concepts.” explains the designer duo Studiopepe. “The lamps perform their practical function in a silent and poetic way defining the space. In the collection we designed for TOOY, we wanted to combine a flexible and supple element like a ribbon (“Nastro" in Italian) with a more stable and fixed element like a precious weight and declined in a new palette of materials and colours.”


Nastro, the new collection by Studiopepe

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With the launch of the virtual Manifesto project De-siderio by Studiopepe, TOOY presents the new NASTRO collection. NASTRO takes its inspiration from an indepth discovery of the moment when materials meet (or join) together, making contrast between pureness of metals, the instant moment of union.