Nastro 563.34

Designed by Studiopepe

TOOY x ALYSI, Milan Design Week 2023
Gea Bar, Studiopepe Milan Design Week 2023. Photo by Silvia Sirpresi
The small Nastro portable table lamp is the latest addition to the NASTRO family. Its soft light is perfect for outdoor dining, but also for any situation where additional light is needed. Nastro is designed in both portable and wired versions. Colors play on pastel and powdery tones as with the entire Nastro family, with the addition of black to emphasize strong graphic shapes.
Color block C74 Sand black
Color block C23 Eggshell
Color block C26 Greenish-grey
Color block C22 Beige
Color block C25 Terracotta
Color block C3 Yellow lemon
Color block C9 Mint green
Light source: Battery LED
Autonomy: 8,5h
Recharge: 5,5h
Wattage (LED): 2,3
Color temperature: 2700k
Lumens: 250
Dimmability: Gesture sensor
IP: 20
Input connector: USB type C
Dimensions: H23/D16 cm