TOOY is a new brand in the lighting market. Its mission is to create products recognized as versatile and original from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Commitment synonymous, contamination of different knowledge, attention to detail perspective gaze; TOOY is the new brand born from GIBAS, a young and dynamic project Made in Italy project. Objects made on the basis of a totally new design concept, able to overcome the static nature of the lighting fixtures in themselves. A collection of objects created at the height of a col- lective interdisciplinary work, made of technical, industrial, commercial and aesthetic skills disclosed best to give new life to light. A project led by Corrado Dotti based on an idea of archetypal beauty that combines elegance, functionality and playful- ness and gets lymph from an intense family history to project itself into the future and in the certainty that the future is built on the union of many skills “from the entrepreneur to the last workman”.

TOOY’s products go beyond the standard lamps concept and are usually multifunctional. TOOY’s products are created by match- ing intensive design of shapes and materials to the research of materials, finishing and functionalities different from what is already in the market. Thus, TOOY “sheds light” the industry by overcoming the standard.

The mantra is break the rules, meet the needs and create solutions.
This collection of objects was born from an inter-disciplinary teamwork touching technical, industrial, commercial and aesthetic competencies put together to reinvent illumination elements.

The project is based on an idea of archetypical beauty matching with elegance, functionality and originality.

Thanks to their huge versatility, these products are easy adaptable to new contexts, still preserving their nature. They are highly performant, yet iconic and able to make a difference in many settings.

TOOY collection satisfy different needs, both in private and contract contexts.
TOOY is original and easy at the same time. It’s performance, yet beauty.